3 Words for 2016

Only. Onward! Partner.

My three words for 2015 served me well: Go. Do. Art.

Despite a number of hugely difficult unanticipated variables, I feel a sense of success for the year. I really don’t want to relive any of it, but I’m glad for having traversed the terrain.

So I’ve been thinking about three more words for this coming year. Where do I need to focus my time and energy to achieve the best possible version of myself? Or as the poetic great Rumi said:

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

What words will captivate my imagination? I’ve waded through several iterations.
I think I have arrived. Quite by chance, but they fit.

Only. Onward! Partner.


A one-off from last year’s word Do.

Only do it.

#SethGodin #YourTurn

No rationalizing.. justifying.. excuse-izing.. blame-ifying.. not-making-my-turn-happen-izing.
No. None of that.

Only. Do it.


As in Brave Voyager Onward!

A hidden treasure I found in the white spaces of TS Eliot’s masterpiece The Dry Salvages. Fresh with new intensity after Star Wars: The Force Awakens..

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead.”



OnlyOnwardPartnerFor a long time, I have been playing on a team of one. Not so much by choice.. I think I scare people.

Recently, I was given a new nickname: Firebreather.
Huh. Maybe that’s why.

I have two new teammates who inspire and challenge me to reach higher/farther/faster than I ever thought possible. I am learning the enduring value of partners in a profound new way. We have much to accomplish together.

Each time the calendar turns over onto a new January, human nature inherently wants to let go of the old and reach for the new. As if lessons learned could be set aside.

But this year’s three words are really just a continuation of last year’s words: Go. Do. Art.

Only. Onward! Partner.


Thanks again @chrisbrogan and @robhatch.


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