Some Doors Don’t Open

When a door closes

Broken DoorknobWe’re conditioned to finish that thought with

a window opens.

I think that’s mostly true although sometimes it feels like that old window is just plain stuck-shut-tight. Might be a week… or a month… or even a year before any hint of fresh air starts seeping through the sill.

When a door closes — especially if it closes abruptly — we want to comfort ourselves with the possibility of something new on the horizon. And by new, we want it to be totally different. Because if we can’t have the old way, then it’s easier to just suck it up and go all out and shoot the learning curve straight up to the sky. Bring it on!

But sometimes the window doesn’t open. Sometimes it just stays a closed door… and then we have to make our own possibility appear.

I think we reach a point on the life continuum when the only good choice is to Go. Do. Art.

Maybe… some doors just aren’t meant to open.

What will we choose to do then?



One thought on “Some Doors Don’t Open

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