A Year of Mastery

Everyone Changes

Stormy Yuma Sky

It was a dark and stormy night.

I have been all-consumed. By change. By change in the people around me. By change that changes the people around me.

I feel like a movie stuntwoman who grabs onto the airplane at take-off and never quite manages to get anywhere safe. I’m just hanging on for dear life… trying to enjoy the scary ride.

Take a look at any/all of these links and you will find something totally worth exploring that will change you.

@DanPink #Drive Creative Confidence @KelleyBros #Grit Angela Duckworth #GrowthMindset Carol Dweck Mindset How Children Succeed @PaulTough MindWorks Never Summer Hector and the Search for Happiness Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

We all talk about how fast life moves anymore. How quickly the world changes. How busy we are. #Truth. But we seldom talk about how we are dealing with that pace. Even less, we rarely stop long enough to ponder and process how that pace impacts us and our own lives. But we need to.

We need to hit pause/stop moving/reflect maybe pray on the consequences of change. Because we all do… change.

The most profound change for me right now is walking toward the end of life with someone I love. The family goes round and round about the has-been’s and what-might-be’s but really all that matters are the here-and-now’s. It feels blunt. And stark.

Calls me to hit pause/stop moving/reflect and pray. I have the gift of life in my hands. What will I do?

When Life Chews You Up

When I first arrived in this little town on the prairie, I was a hurtin’ unit. Beaten-down-chewed-up-spit-out by life and people. My only request: silence and solitude. [Joke: What is the best way to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.]

I didn’t know if I would ever be happy. Deep down. My biggest fear. I had been on such a long sordid difficult pursuit to find my people… fun healthy and full up with a creative passionate spirit for life. [I know some… but they live far far away and we don’t get to see each other often.]

And anyway, true happiness can only come from within, not without. I wanted it but I didn’t know how to get it… afraid I would never find it.

Then that stray phone call. Opportunity knocked. I opened the door. Happiness found me. Or maybe I was just paying attention.

You need not see what someone is doing
to know if it is his vocation,

you have only to watch his eyes:
a cook mixing a sauce, a surgeon

making a primary incision,
a clerk completing a bill of lading,

wear the same rapt expression, forgetting
themselves in a function.

How beautiful it is,
that eye-on-the-object look.

–W H Auden

Everything clicked the other day. I understand why the has-been’s and the here-and-now’s. I will try to embrace the challenging what-might-be’s. This will be a year of mastery for me. Pick up this great book Drive by Dan Pink.

Two years now since the phone call that pivoted me in a new direction. The invitation morphed into a challenge and now I am doing my best work ever. [You know who you are. I know you’re reading this. Thank you.]


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