The Unknowable Path

Seth Godin’s blog popped into my email early this morning. And then a little bit later, a friend sent the same link. Seems the universe is intent on getting my undivided attention on this one.

The unknowable path … might also be the right one.
The fact that your path is unknowable may be precisely why it’s the right path.
The alternative, which is following the well-lit path, offers little in the way of magic.
If you choose to make art, you are no longer following. You are making.

There are only a few constants in this brief span of life we travel, but I know two to be unequivocally true regardless of circumstances or variables:

  • Change is hard… and painful.
  • Moving sucks.

These are in my Absolutes category. [If you have a story that flies in the face of either of these axioms, email me straight away.]

Literally.. fell from the sky. This is my 2-month-old windshield :(

Literally.. fell from the sky. This is my 2-month-old windshield 😦

I have experienced a ton of change… which has also precipitated a good deal of moving. Most of those pivotal moments came unbidden. I was just walking along minding my own merry business and then BAM! From out of the sky, something shiny fell on me.

Universe: Time to go! Now!

Me: Seriously?!?! We just got here.

I find myself creating a new existence in what is averaging out to be an every-two-year-cycle. Just long enough to unpack a few boxes, hang some decorations, invest myself in a new place / space / group. Then * * kapow * * ! Smacked windshield. [With at least one more change coming up, the average will stay intact.]

I am embarking on what is amounting to my fifth and sixth careers. Middle school math teacher. Entrepreneur. Those two ideas alone sound entirely ludicrous to my rational brain. I entered the real world after college graduation expecting to spend my days engineering R&D projects in the brewery valley that is Golden, Colorado.

My irrational brain now understands that this world has changed. Anyone who believes they will stay in the same job / career / city / work for the length of their life is either fooling himself or lives in a small world where we’ve-always-done-it-this-way. But eventually this-way will evolve and change too.

Gone are the days where we can get by with what-we-know.
We must be ever in pursuit of what-we-don’t-know.

It is the unknowable path. It is the difference between following someone else’s path or making your own.

My flawed thinking thus far — aka, the pearl of great price I have found — is believing that all this change would somehow get easier over time. Where did I ever come up with that crazy notion? Oh… where we all do… messages from the world around us. Life is supposed to get easier, not harder.

But in fact, the challenges just keep ramping up… which they should… because I keep getting stronger. Never have I had to put so much brain power into assembling all the puzzle pieces to create new ideas and projects as I have these past two years. I have had to use every skill / ability / resource / idea / kernel-of-an-idea / crazy hare-brained idea I have ever had to make this new project a reality. We’re not there yet, but we’re closer than we were. Everything I have endured along the way has been necessary. If I hadn’t put in my 20,000+ hours, none of this would be possible now. None.

But it is. Possible.
Because change is hard… and painful.
And moving sucks.

Sometimes I talk rash. It unnerves people… which is probably why I like to do it so much.
But I never decide rash. Deep down I am quite methodical and intentional.
I take calculated risks… which appear rash to some. But it’s always about creating positive change.

When life evolves, everything around it evolves. That’s just how life works.
When change happens, everything around it changes. That is one of the Life-Absolutes.
The best change happens on the unknowable path. That’s when I become a better version of myself.

what are you thinking about?

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