Swallowed Whole

The best way I can describe it was a Jonah Moment. I had been swallowed by the whale. In the belly for a long dark while. Then spit out on the sand of a foreign beach. In the land of Teaching.

I tried running back into the ocean… but each time my feet touched the retreating waves, I stood in horror at the foam because I knew the whale would eat me again if I jumped into the water. The whole cycle would repeat until I walked inland to complete this new task You have set before me. This has always been Your MO with me. Ugh!

But I am a little smarter this time.
Still rebellious and ready to duke it out.
But a little smarter. This one time.


We risked innovation and paid a heavy price. The kicker is that it worked. Student grit scores and mindset scores went up. The MindWorks experiment was a success! Students got grittier and moved closer to growth mindset. Because we risked offering a class that was different. Who knew?!?!

Now I will teach math. There will not be another MindWorks. Let’s just call it Big Fish Little Pond and be done. I feel free again. Like reaching escape velocity from the previous desert. I can say Whateva! and be over it.

Teaching is simply another means to an end. Jonah Moment averted. I don’t need to be swallowed and spit up again. I’ll just start walking to Nineveh. It is time for some new scenery anyway.

Curve Balls

Memories dart out in prayer time. This feels all too familiar. Big hurdles pop up at just the moment when decisions are made and wheels set in motion. It can’t go away… just be difficulter.

Feels like the dark side conspires again. This would be the third time such a huge curve ball has come out of left field. Could I dare hope it will be the last?

I feel like You have set me on the path of the last journey. The final leg of this winding road that has been my career. The question I want to start off asking is: Do I belong in education? Because it feels like a totally messed up system and it’s been a rocky start. My guess is that Your answer will be a quiet Yes.

I see a very industrial-like space for the future home of Never Summer. I see a ton of kids coming to d_school and d_camp. Educators too. I see this Rebel Alliance at the heart of it all. You didn’t assemble us for no reason. You won’t disperse us forever. The Empire struck back. But the Jedi will return to awaken the Force.

Elaines Desk

Do or Do Not. There is no Try.

I am crafting an escape plan. For this last leg of the journey. I want to settle down and stay in one place for a while… to build an empire to make a dent in the universe. I am weary of running around the galaxy fighting the dark side and trying to recruit the new resistance. It’s time to establish home base and get down to work. I am ready… and this is not home.

Perhaps my greatest lessons this year have been learning to say what I need to say and ask for what I want.

I am bigger than my body gives me credit for.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am a Jedi.

what are you thinking about?

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