#Unleash again

Two nights and two dreams…

What is my usability factor? Am I allowing God to do what is necessary in this moment?

What is the worst kind of #$%@? The kind that’s good for you.

I am entirely afraid that You don’t mean for any of this to happen.

Why would You put this on my heart for so long if it wasn’t meant to happen?

The whole process will be jumping through more hoops… Usability rears its ugly head again.

Why did Jesus have to be transfigured? So the disciples could see that change was possible. So I could see that change is possible.

Up the mountain… down to the valley… and up… and then down…

The beginning of the next.

Maybe I am the coach.

Do I owe the system? No. Do I owe the universe? Yes. This is the heart of discipleship. To give what I can give because God asks me to give exactly that. Who I am and what I know and what I can do. Because God gave it all to me from the start.

I might think that I forged my own path to God. But I didn’t.

I might think that I am the one who finally found God. But I didn’t.

God had already been calling my name since Day One. My response simply means I was finally quiet enough to hear the Voice.

So what now? Keep going.

Yes. I am the coach. Own it.

Go. Do. Art.




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