What We Choose

With so much freedom in my hands, sometimes I don’t know what to choose. So I don’t. And that’s a mistake.

Life with children at home often necessarily dictated certain choices. Just the simple everyday tasks of living required routines and schedules and priorities chosen by all of us or some of us.

I may have reached my personal choice-making threshold during those years because not long after the last little birdie flew the coop, I stopped choosing. Anything. I started giving Life more power to move me where it wanted me to go.

Grit and GraceAltogether, I don’t think this is a bad thing. But it’s a give and take. Some paths the universe opens up are well worth the travel. Others not so much. It’s a gamble. Just like Life always is. We take our lumps and bumps in stride.

I think the lesson I am aiming at today is when I fail to choose anything and by default expect that someone will choose for me.

I am an idea-maker. I think I was just born that way. I have memories of endless hours in my childhood bedroom making 3-D cities with construction paper and Elmer’s glue. I have always made something. Something.

Even now. The raw materials have morphed over the years but always I am building. Creatio ex nihilo.

My building expertise is superb. I have put in way more than my 10k hours. Sometimes what I build people understand. Sometimes they don’t. No worries either way. It is in the building process where I find my joy. This is what I have forgotten of late.

The joy is in the building.

And the reason you build anything is to solve complex problems. To bring into physical existence that which the brain desires to see.

If we merely think and think and think but never build, nothing grows. Not us. Not the world.

To build is to create life is to choose is to make ideas happen.

Onward Brave Voyager!

Peace out.

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