#Unleash #Godzilla

Why I did it I don’t know

I’m not sure if it was the first construction zone dream or the second that planted the idea in my brain. Maybe both. But up until those last days of last year, I hadn’t thought to give it a try.

I’ve shared the story of the nut. I’ve also told the story of the bolt.

I have lived a very odd existence for the past few years. Odd because of the places and spaces and bits and fits that have consumed me… calling me to deep prayer and discernment on one hand and reckless abandonment on the other.

Crashing wildly between extremes has been the constant path du jour despite my never-ending desire for a quieter, less frantic life. Evidently that is simply not in the cards for me.

So what the heck? I gave it a try.

Separated by 18 months and 200 miles, I put the nut to the bolt.

Bolt with NutThe result: insane. They fit.

Two totally random objects enter my life and connect together across time and space. My jaw drops. My heart races. My spirit soars. I can only sit motionless in disbelief.

Now if I come clean, I will tell you that when I first had the crazy idea about seeing if they fit together, my brain immediately went into sarcastic-mode saying… Of course they’re going to fit. God has such an ironic sense of humor in my life, of course they’re going to fit. But I really didn’t believe it would happen.

Huh! They actually did fit. How insane. How crazy is that.

As I’ve said before, I know theologian-types who would say God doesn’t work like this. That my immature brain is grasping at straws to find divine order and intervention in my physical world through the coincidence of finding a nut and a bolt.

Fine. Whatevs.

But really… how cool is this? And more to the point… how scary is this?

My take on this strange connection is that the stars have finally aligned / the puzzle pieces fit together / everything is ready and it is time to move forward in a big way.

#Godzilla is ready to be unleashed.

The scary part is that the time has finally arrived. I have been planning and concocting for so long that I have become very comfortable with the idea of someday. But I think this is the right time. My knees feel a little weak.

The heavens have conspired in my favor. Time to kick #Godzilla in the butt and get him running. #Onward!

what are you thinking about?

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