Ironical: A Bolt!

I found a bolt yesterday while I was out for the daily walk.


Because even though I found an actual nut last year, I’ve only ever had proverbial, metaphorical bolts. Now a real one appeared in my path.

More than half buried in the sandy gravel parking lot by the football field, it’s a wonder I ever saw it. Much the same as the finding of the nut last year.

The bolt is worn and used… pocked with nicks and pitted by tiny grains and rocks. Altogether, it’s a big bolt. Surprising.

And I wonder how does such a bolt–or a nut for that matter–come to be detached from whatever enormous thing is was holding together. Did something jiggle loose or did it just fall out of a toolbox?

I have no idea.

Why did I stumble upon it? This is the bigger question that consumes me.

Probably the answer is: No special reason at all. It just did. I was in the right place at the right time. My eyes happened to look at the ground just as my foot stepped next to it and Voila! I found a bolt. Not a very remarkable event.

Except that it is planted in my brain… like a splinter in your mind. [Name that movie!]

And in the wee hours of last night when sleep would not take me in… I find answers to challenging questions that re-surface today. Bolts!

Or at least my interpretation is bolts.

I know theologians who would adamantly declare that God never works in such prosaic ways. I know spiritual directors who would advise that such interpretations are more akin to wishful thinking than divine intervention. I know clergy who would severely chastise a person that such an omen borders on the heresy of prophecy and witchcraft.

I don’t run in those circles anymore. Thankfully. So I can choose whatever interpretation I want. [Truth be told… I always did anyway.]

I have some bolts to work on today. Related to this school project that keeps me ever so busy and out of trouble. The most-challenging-project-I’ve-ever-tried keeps getting wider and deeper. I need some more bolts.

Thank you God for this bolt.
I needed the visual reminder of a real one.
I’m going to hang it in my office.

Peace out.

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