Change Redacted

Collateral Change

We all know the term ‘collateral damage’ and understand the implications. I’ve been thinking about a new phrase and what it means: collateral change.

Maybe the traditional mental image is: ripple effect. When something happens that impacts other events or people far removed from the center. You get the idea.

Except… the image of ripples on water plays tricks on the mind… such effects are gentle, slow-moving and might rock your boat a little but are nowhere near powerful enough to dump your canoe.

Collateral change… Beast mode: ON!

To Protect the Ignorant

In the old-time TV shows — the ones they rerun on Nickelodeon, in particular Adam-12 — there was often a very-serious-narrator-voice that laid it out: The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The underlying meaning: This is a true story.

In my story, the names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

More Impossible-er was about changes that significantly impacted the work I was doing but which I had no control over. In order to keep the peace, the system was unexpectedly overhauled. The squeaky wheel got the oil.

Incoming! Collateral-Change!


The kicker: a larger vision is gradually coming to light and soon it will become clearer to the squeaky-wheelers how their squeaking and squawking slammed the brakes on a project that was primed to let students fly. Alas. People can only be who they are. Even in narrow vision and ignorance.

My challenge now is to figure out how to manage collateral-change in such a way that will still provide for the original goal and outcome: to let students fly.

Which leads to my primary thought: Change redacted.

It looks like this:

  1. Innovate!
  2. Create a plan for a new future.
  3. Engage the practicalities and define the tasks.
  4. Begin the work.
  5. Receive the complaints. Try to quash scuttlebutt.
  6. Listen to the reasons why the plan won’t work.
  7. Thrash.
  8. Redact the change.
  9. To protect the ignorant.
  10. Repeat!

If you’re not willing to repeat then change won’t happen.

Because if we never try to change the world then it won’t change.

It’s a lesson in Grit.
And Grit is all about growth mindset and courage and self-discipline and hope and choosing the hard part.

Onward thou Voyager!

Imagine Compassion Blackout

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